Silver Jewellery

Silver jewellery weighing more than 3 grams per individual piece must be legally hallmarked. This hallmarking performed the Assay Office, in whose remit is to carry out inspections at retailers.

Hallmark indicates what is the purity of silver according to the standards, which the Assay Office gives.

Table of hallmark symbols:
table of hallmark symbols

Constituent hallmarks are graphic symbols that are stamped into the jewellery.
Indication the purity of silver – purity, or the number of carats, measures the proportion of silver in a total volume of alloy.
Marking degree 925/000 means that the total of 1000 parts of alloy is 925 parts pure silver. The remaining part is consisted of metal, which complement the qualitative characteristics of jewellery such as keep colour, durability and hardness. The most commonly used complementary metal is copper. If you know more about silver, please, see the article about silver jewellery.

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