Shipping by DPD carrier

Time of delivery is usually shipping time from pickup to delivery. That time does not include time of package receipt, delays due to customs inspection, the competent national authorities, false documents, etc. Terms of delivery DDU (Incoterms) are valid for all countries.

Period for conveyance listed in the price list of transport services is followed by Central European Time.

Delivery times are not agreed.

The consignment is delivered to the person acting as a beneficiary in the place of delivery. In case of reasonable doubt, the freight forwarder is entitled to request the person's identity of that consignee.

If the shipment is not delivered on the first try, including cases of rejection the proving of identity by a person acting as the recipient, forwarder shall leave a written report about delivery to the delivery address and the following working day realize a second attempt for delivery. If this attempt fails, the recipient is able to agree by telephone on the final consignment handover, within seven calendar days from the day passing the second delivery attempt on the basis of a written notice. After this period the shipment is returned to the originator. This does not affect the entitlement to reimbursement Sender forwarding services.

In case of first unsuccessful attempt of delivery the consignee can change the delivery instructions (delivery address or date) by force of Sender will accept a change the delivery instructions only if the recipient makes the change to 10 p.m. CET on the day when there was an unsuccessful attempt at delivery. The change can be made through the Customer Line Sender in the working hours specify by these terms.

If the consignee refuses to accept delivery, further attempts are not made for delivery and shipment is returned to the originator. This does not affect the entitlement to reimbursement Sender forwarding services.

The package can be picked up at the relevant depot Sender. However, it is necessary to call in advance with customer service.

Under the terms of DPD Classic Private can be used the following services:

a) A notice of a delivery via SMS or email on the day receiving the goods (usually 1 working day prior to the delivery of shipment

The person performing the service tries to contact by telephone the recipient who is stated on the shipping label and inform him about the estimated time of a delivery in case of a change or clarification of the expected delivery time, which can be found at

c) The ability to determine the approximate delivery time on the sender web site

d) The possibility of change in address or a delivery date via the Sender website, when the first delivery attempt was not successful

e) The notification of a failed delivery attempt via e-mail message addressed to recipient

You can order the following additional services which are not included in basic services and the provision is charged according to current Sender price list:

a) IDM - interactive notification of a planned delivery via SMS or email messages. The recipient has the option to influence a delivery date in extent determined by the Sender through the reply via an incoming SMS message or email message.

b) Guaranteed phone notification - the day before the consignment the professionals call centre will inform the consignee about the date of delivery by telephone. In the case of the inappropriate term the recipient can immediately change it.

c) Receiving goods from a third party - allows the sender to pick up shipment with a third party and then deliver to the recipient.

If the principal does not use the IDM service, the beneficiary can not to change the delivery instruction (address or date) before first delivery attempt.

Please, state cell line. Another phone connection is paid and it is necessary to pay these costs.

Price of service DPD CLASSIC Private is governed by the relevant Sender price list.

Delivery times:
1-2 days: Germany
2 days: Poland
2-3 days: Italy*, Hungary, Slovenia
3 days: Belgium, Denmark*, Estonia, France*, Lithuania, Latvia, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Great Britain*
4 days: Ireland, Northern Ireland, Portugal, Spain*
3-5 days: Finland, Croatia, Norway, Sweden
4-6 days: Bulgaria, Greece**
5-6 days: Corsica

* Without Faroe Islands, Greenland, Corsica, Balearic Islands, Northern Ireland and contiguous Great Britain islands, French Guayana, La Réunion, Martinik, Guadeloupe, Livigno, Ceuta and Melilla and Canary Islands.

** Island surcharge: Crete cca 6 euro, other islands cca 15 euro.

The price is stipulated according current exchange rate.

Total: 0 €