Rings are the most frequent and the most popular category of jewellery. Rings have been a symbol of the closed circle for centuries – so infinite. Selection of material of jewellery is a matter of taste but of practicality at the same time. Steel, tungsten or titanium rings are the hardest and enjoy great popularity. Silver or gold rings are still very popular, especially the rings of rhodium silver or rings made of white gold.

Ring sizes:
In most European countries the ring gauge is usually quoted in millimetres and exactly denotes the perimeter of the finger on which the ring will be worn. Finger size is measured most precisely by set of steel gauge-rings. Ring circumference is possible to denote by calibrated a ring sizing stick.

Rings gauge is quoted in millimetres and in view of the finger the widest finger´s part is measured „from knuckle to knuckle“.

If you are interested in ring´s production trends, how to measured them precisely, which material is the most suitable and how to care about rings, you can read in this text: about rings.

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Prsten Hot Diamonds Droplet RG DR200
Delivery: 8-10 days
€ 73.59Ring hot diamonds droplet rg dr200
Prsten Hot Diamonds Together RG DR199
Delivery: 8-10 days
€ 94.73Ring hot diamonds together rg dr199
Prsten Hot Diamonds Blossom RG DR198
Delivery: 8-10 days
€ 94.73Ring hot diamonds blossom rg dr198
Stříbrný prsten Hot Diamonds Ribbon DR197/K
Delivery: 8-10 days
€ 81.03Silver ring hot diamonds ribbon dr197/k
Stříbrný prsten Hot Diamonds Ribbon DR196
Delivery: 8-10 days
€ 68.32Silver ring hot diamonds ribbon dr196
Stříbrný prsten Hot Diamonds Love DR195
Delivery: 8-10 days
€ 89.45Silver ring hot diamonds love dr195
Stříbrný prsten Hot Diamonds Love DR194
Delivery: 8-10 days
€ 73.59Silver ring hot diamonds love dr194
Prsten Morellato Nobile AKB22
Delivery: 2-4 days
€ 66.51Ring Morellato nobile akb22
Prsten Morellato Nobile AKB23
Delivery: 2-4 days
€ 78.32Ring Morellato nobile akb23

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