Necklaces have always had supreme position in society – they were the kind of female beauty symbol and economic status of man by this woman. Apparently therefore they retain their conspicuousness and continue to be subconsciously accepted as an elite type of jewellery. It is not surprising that for luxury necklaces in the world is spent more than the most expensive diamonds studded rings. Even the film industry still refer us to necklaces as a luxury gift suitable refined gentlemen who wants to donate woman by something really unique, for whom their hearts burned:) But back to earth – of course, necklaces are the most appropriate accessory for evening or summer dresses - just where the ladies décolletage should be emphasized by gleaming jewel.

Necklaces are usually production longer than the usual 40 cm as in chains. Their length usually begins at 45 cm. There is such quantities pieces, which are worn over the outfit and thus are longer - up to 90 cm - such necklaces are usually wind round the neck once or twice - of course its wearer:)
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Stříbrný náhrdelník Hot Diamonds Willow 60 DN131
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Stříbrný náhrdelník Hot Diamonds Willow 45 DN130
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Stříbrný náhrdelník Hot Diamonds Willow DN129
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Náhrdelník Morellato Boule ALY01
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Pánský náhrdelník Morellato Rocces ALS02
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Pánský náhrdelník Morellato Rocces ALS01
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€ 104.28
Stříbrný náhrdelník Hot Diamonds Love DN128
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€ 114.13

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