GoPay Payments

GoPay GoPay the Czech internet payment system with a high level of security.
Payment system GoPay is licensed and regulated by the Czech National Bank as an electronic money institution and is under supervision of top Ministry of Finance.
GoPay is a partner of your payment to guarantee a trustworthy and secure payment environment.
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How to pay with GoPay

First Select the products

The online store, select products entering into the shopping cart.

Second Confirm your order

Fill in your personal information, select a payment method and confirm the order.

3rd Confirm your selected data

This opens a window with information about your order, your payment method.

4th Select a payment method

Select your preferred payment method or execute the payment of the balance GoPay account.

5th Confirm the payment

Follow the instructions in the chosen payment method. After the payment will be redirected back to shop.

card payment

Platba card Visa / MasterCard your order you can pay on-line via the internet your credit card. We accept VISA and MasterCard. Check with your bank about the possibility of the use of your card for online payments. VISA Electron and Maestro do not allow payment for older cards issued by Czech banks. Payment is possible only new, electronic versions of the card. If you are unsure, please contact your issuing bank.

Why is payment card with us safe?
  • None of our employees has access to the data on your credit card.
  • your credit card details are entered in a secure banking interface.
  • When accepting credit cards, we use 3D-Secure solution - worldwide application card associations MasterCard and Visa, enabling secure credit card payments on the Internet.

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