Gold Jewellery

Gold jewellery - jewellery made of gold exceeding 0.5 grams weight must be marked with the hallmark. This marking is implemented by authorized Assay Office for jewels meant to sale in the Czech Republic.

Table of hallmark symbols:
puncovní značky - zlato

What is the hallmark?
Hallmark clarifies us, what is the purity of gold according to the standards, which the Assay Office gives. Constituent hallmarks are graphic symbols that are stamped into the jewellery. The customer simply determines the number of carats of gold. Indication the purity of gold – purity, or the number of carats, measures the proportion of gold in a total volume of alloy.
Marking degree 585/000 (14-carat gold) means that the total of 1000 parts of alloy is 585 parts gold.
585/000 - 14-carat yellow gold – 585 portions of pure gold + 415 portions other metals – mostly silver and copper.
585/000 - 14-carat white gold – 585 portions of white gold and 415 portions other metals – mostly silver and nickel or palladium.
750/000 - 18-carat gold – 750 portions of gold and 250 portions other metals
1000/000 - 24-carat gold – pure gold – contain any admixtures.
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Dětské náušnice se zirkony C2501
Delivery: 5-7 days
€ 140.73Childrens earrings with zircons c2501
Dětské náušnice se zirkony C2265
Delivery: 5-7 days
€ 71.83Childrens earrings with zircons c2265
Dětský přívěsek se zirkony C2207-40
Delivery: 38 days
€ 40.63Childrens pendant with zircons c2207-40
Dětský přívěsek se zirkony C2206-40
Delivery: 38 days
€ 47.68Childrens pendant with zircons c2206-40
Dětský přívěsek se zirkony C2203-40
Delivery: 38 days
€ 40.87Childrens pendant with zircons c2203-40
Dětský přívěsek se zirkony C2154-40
Delivery: 38 days
€ 45.53Childrens pendant with zircons c2154-40
Dětský přívěsek se zirkony C2150-40
Delivery: 38 days
€ 38.52Childrens pendant with zircons c2150-40
Dětský přívěsek se zirkony C2149-40
Delivery: 38 days
€ 29.99Childrens pendant with zircons c2149-40
Dětský přívěsek se zirkony C2031-40
Delivery: 38 days
€ 30.1Childrens pendant with zircons c2031-40
Dětský přívěsek se zirkony C1737-40
Delivery: 38 days
€ 31.94Childrens pendant with zircons c1737-40
Dětské náušnice s brilianty ND2160Z
Delivery: 14-21 days
€ 176.94
Dětské náušnice se zirkony C2160Z
Delivery: 5-7 days
€ 70.27Childrens earrings with zircons c2160z
Dětské náušnice s brilianty ND2151Z
Delivery: 14-21 days
€ 435.31
Dětské náušnice se zirkony C2255Z
Delivery: Stock, 1-2 days
€ 66.16Childrens earrings with zircons c2255z
Dětské náušnice se zirkony C2230Z
Delivery: 5-7 days
€ 91.99Childrens earrings with zircons c2230z

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