AVRO Diamonds - brilliant jewelleryAVRO Diamonds
AVRO Diamonds are the highest quality brilliant jewels. A collection of luxury jewellery made of white gold with brilliants of high quality. Timeless and refreshingly modern designs at the same time with perfectly cut diamonds of high purity create a unique collection of jewellery made of white gold. High quality diamonds-studded, excellent cut and delivery time within 3 days move the collection AVRO Diamonds far ahead for comparable competition’s supply. In other words: brilliant jewellery of this quality in such a short time you can not find anywhere! Convince about its designs yourselves...

Boccia - jewelleryBoccia
Boccia - a world-famous producer of titanium jewellery is in possession of design treasures. The uniqueness of rings is its internal processing, which is very comfortable for wearing. These rings are very popular, often mounted with precious stones, such as wedding rings. This metal is absolutely entitled to be in prominence of entire interest who love exceptional design and quality processing owing to its quality, hardness and specific visual properties.

Cacharel  jewelleryCacharel
Cacharel jewellery are luxurious rhodium-plated jewellery of the highest quality, which correspond exactly with the overall philosophy of this French brand. Typically female silver jewellery dazzle its detail elaborated designs. Extremely agreeable price complements these gems. Exclusively in our e-jewellery!

Cayoo - Luxury jewelry with embedded Swarovski crystals incredible shine.Cayoo
Cayoo - jewelry that represent a real breakthrough. Not only in processing technology, but also in design. The combination of Swarovski crystals with patented technology of production of jewelry made ​​of plexiglass. Each jewel Cayoo is made of durable acrylic glass with Swarovski crystals inside the cast-on several levels. Each jewel has its "floating" crystal. The inclusion crystals at several levels makes jewelry Cayote depth and a third dimension. Swarovski crystals are the perfect sparkle and brilliance ... and never fall out ... [Ka: ju] sounds like a French Caillou, which means pebbles ...

Champs ElyseésChamps Elyseés

Chiara Jewelry - rhodic silver jewellery.Chiara
Chiara is a totally new brand of silver jewelry from italian. Perfect fashion designs, quality workmanship from rhodic silver with cubic zirconia casting. Of course it is branded for each jewel box. Add to that an absolutely unbeatable price and you have a favorite among silver jewelry.

FeelingX by Cobra silver Cobra
FeelingX by Cobra is a German brand of the highest quality jewellery and luxury designs. Silver and gold jewels studded with precious stones attract due to its detailed sophisticated design. In addition, all jewellery Cobra Feelingx are divided into collections, which you can buy an attractive price. Ladies and girls, who saw this brand the first time were completely amazed. Such an interesting and a sophisticated collection of silver and gold jewellery have not proved to the market for long time yet. As an absolutely perfect Christmas gift.

Hand made Jewelry with Swarovski crystalsCrystal Stone
Crystal Stone is a purely Czech company, which manufactures its jewelry in our country. Each of the jewelry collection is unique, with a hand-glued Swarovski crystals. Each jewel is preserved color combination and ratio of the size of individual crystals.

Crystalis - hand-glued Swarovski  elementsCrystalis
Crystalis - magical jewelry with swarovski crystals glued by hand. Glittering, modern jewelry for all lovers of fashion accessories. Attractions rings made of acrylic glass, which you can into the water. Produced in Bohemia with joy for you.

Cutie DiamondsCutie Diamonds
Cutie Diamonds is an exclusive collection of children's earrings with genuine diamonds studded by Cutie Jewellery. High quality rhodium yellow gold plated with diamonds creates the absolutely unique children's jewellery collection. Leading Czech designers have created works of art with investment value for your favourites.

Cutie JewelleryCutie Jewellery
Cutie Jewellery is a collection of children's earrings made of 14-carat yellow gold with coloured zircons studded by a leading Czech producer of gold jewellery. Cutie Jewellery offers countless variations - anyone earrings can be made of white gold (rhodium yellow gold plated) or in the classical yellow variant. Mounting is possible in most earrings the one of 10 colour variations of zircon. Designs of these earrings come from pens of the leading Czech designers.

Danfil jewellery - luxury gold Czech jewelryDanfil
Danfil – a Czech producer of gold jewellery with brilliants. We offer by way of the brand Danfil, rings with brilliants, as well as earrings with perfectly cut diamonds studded together with necklaces, which are unique designer gems. Luxury design, precise working and originality of each jewel will be extraordinary pride and a valuable investment. Conscionable diamonds selection in combination with white gold creates timeless experience of the highest quality jewellery.


Due jewellery - surgical steel jewels from ItalyDue
Italian jewellery brand of steel, which are elegant, comfortable to wear and their makers have transferred to them the stamp of originality and timeless trendiness. Entire DUE Jewellery are cheapen and you can now buy it at discounted prices. But be careful - ACTION lasts only till sold out supplies. All DUE jewels are in stock, so they are sent away immediately.

Edc by Esprit - luxury jewels for younf people. Ladies jewelsEdc by Esprit
Collection of EDC Esprit brand is inspired by the independence, freedom, popular and creative people from New York, London and Tokyo. It specifies the refined style of young fashion people who like to express their image and keep track the latest trends in fashion world.

ESPRIT- surgical steel and silver jewelsESPRIT
Esprit brand dates back its beginning to breaking year in 1968. It was founded in San Francisco and its founders Susie and Doug Tompkins sold their products from their mobile flower Volkswagen. The Esprit has wrested its place from the fashion´s world of all over Europe and the USA till now. This brand is favoured with customers thanks to extraordinary designs clothes that are elegant, comfortable and practical. Jewels of the brand are actually elaborate to the final detail. This brand is classed to forefronts of jewellery sales due to using quality rhodium silver, tasteful and elegant design.

Friedrich Lederwaren - jewel boxesFriedrich Lederwaren
Friedrich Lederwaren - the leading producer of jewel boxes. Very high quality materials are used for his products and it is the guaranty of quality and logical arrangement of your valuables. Jewel boxes from small travel imitation of leather over a large elaborate design. You are always sure that this is the highest quality jewellery at our market.

Hejral jewellery - gold luxury rings. Hejral
Company HEJRAL Metal and Jewel by Vladimir Hejral was founded in 1988 as a purely Czech company of jewellery. In its beginning it occupied with the authorial and bespoke production of jewellery. It expanded activity and serial production of gold and silver jewellery in the following years. In the mid-nineties it was one of its production capacity in the top ten companies in the Czech Republic. The company has begun to build its market position primarily as a producer of wedding rings since 1992, which are distributed as under its brand as other branded retailers. At present, our company produces about 500 models of engagement and wedding rings, which are continually renewed.

Hot Diamonds - unique silver jewels with diamondsHot Diamonds
Hot Diamonds is a unique jewellery brand. It is sold in over 50 countries worldwide. Jewellery of this brand has become an absolute hit in Britain and in the years 2001 and 2003 the brand Hot Diamonds obtained a prestigious acknowledgement "UK Jewellery Brand of the Year". Hot Diamonds jewellery are made of rhodium plated silver of purity 925/1000 always right white diamond studded. The main and fundamental idea of Hot Diamonds is to offer a precious piece of diamond in every jewel. The absolute uniqueness is the main message of this prestigious brand. Each piece is packaged in a deluxe gift box made of wood. The delivery period indicated in Hot Diamonds jewellery is maximum 45 days. However, 70% is sent within 10 days after ordering. We are aware of unusually long delivery time, but the exclusivity of this brand balances this deficiency.

Just Cavalli - eccentric jewelry form Roberto CavalliJust Cavalli
Just Cavalli is a brand of global importance in the fashion world - bears the name of a famous designer Roberto Cavalli, who has become the icon for extravagance and originality for last few years. It is the same for its jewels which we can introduce as the only one of few. This is mostly collections of jewellery, which clearly attract attention either in terms of processing or for its originality and visual unusualness. However materials are extraordinary, that are used in production of jewellery. It is for example brass, which is gold plated by using PVD technology, which ensures stability and durability of jewellery.

Miss sixty - italian fashion jewels for womanMiss sixty
Miss Sixty - ladies fashion brand of global importance - conspicuous, fresh and young collection of jewellery of this Italian brand are coming after successful collections of clothes, shoes and accessories. We can heartily recommend - a magnificent gift - delivered in original boxes.

Morellato - luxury jewellery from Italy.Morellato
Morellato - the world's leading producer of modern jewellery made of surgical steel. Nowadays, perhaps the most successful brand in the worldwide basis from sunny Italy. Collection for ladies and gentlemen. Boxes are commonplace. Do you take a fancy to brand Morellato? Choose Wallets or Stationery of this brand.

Oliver Weber - Jewelry with Swarovski crystalsOliver Weber
Jewellery Oliver Weber are equipped with luxurious Swarovski crystals. Necklaces, rings, earrings and pendants from this collection of jewelry are masterly works from the top of Swarovski designer - Oliver Weber. Beautiful Swarovski crystals adorn each piece of jewelery this exceptional brand. Perfect cut these crystals jewelry adds unmistakable brilliance and perfect light. Oliver Weber jewelery are made of steel, silver or nickel free metal, that is plated with precision, so the jewelry have a wonderful luster and durability. Of course, all the materials used are hypoallergenic. Oliver Weber - these are original, stylish jewelry with Swarovski crystals. It is hard to find compared to other brand jewelry. Thanks to its range (over 1200 models of jewellery), perfectly rigorous designs jewelry with Swarovski crystals is this brand unique. Oliver Weber brings luxury jewelry wider group of people, because it keeps the price a session in which comparably high quality designer jewelery is not possible to get.

Poe NuiPoe Nui

Police jewellery is typical modern fashion brand. Police
Police brand is very well known for its accessories, namely watches, sunglasses and jewellery all over Europe. Pay for uncompromising, dynamic and highly original brand which wants to show the sexy face of those who dress it and wear. It uses at least one decade of heavy calibre to its salesmanship, while the face of this brand have gradually become e. g. Bruce Willis, George Clooney or Antonio Banderas ...


Sector - typical mens jewels. Surgical  steel.Sector jewels
Sector is a unique and genuine fashion brand men's jewellery made from surgical steel. Italian extraordinary design and a stylish affair – that is Sector Jewels. It is provided including in luxury boxes.

Storm - unigue jewels from surgical steelStorm
Storm - perhaps this brand needs no introduction. One of the most successful fashion brands currently producing extravagant watches, jewellery and other fashion accessories. Jewellery as watches are unmistakable absolutely and know them at first sight ... but what is not much known is that they produce a great handbags and wallets. It is always a stylish affair, which is also very functional.

TeNo - luxury steel jewels with diamondsTeNo
The highest quality materials and precise, timeless, cleanly stylish design are characteristic for brand TeNo. This German brand creates a unique collection of jewellery by using the real diamonds, stainless steel, silver, 18-carat gold, genuine sapphires and ceramic. TeNo mesmerizes its pure design, perfect processing technology and unique originality. Jewellery TeNo leave no doubt about taste and style of those who wear them ...

Tribal - surgical steel jewelryTribal
Brand Tribal has already built in so strong tradition for all over the world, that it is certainly one of those which we can recommend. It produces jewellery made of surgical steel, titanium, tungsten, furthermore exclusive jewellery with Swarovski crystals and steel jewels with brilliants of the highest quality. This brand as the popularity is unrivalled – it is unambiguously the leader in steel jewellery. We as one of the largest clients can offer you absolutely unbeatable prices. In addition, we appreciated this producer with "five stars" for a huge range of rings and piercing, fast delivery times and service for jewellery. Action: Privilege collection of Tribal - if you purchase 3 jewels, you get the cheapest piece for half price.

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